Overwatch League Viewing Tool

Philip Ogunshola, Oneal Tjhia, Karina Patricia

Need for Customizable Viewing

Overwatch League and many other FPS games can be pretty difficult to spectate, which is why people create customizable viewing tools that accommodate a variety of functions such as switching between player POVs, overhead map view, and third person POV

Based on our surveys and interviews, these are the reasons why people watch esports live games​

Pay attention to team strategies

Spectate favorite player, character, or role

Game insights from caster, analyst, own conclusions

Pure entertainment

The Disconnect

What users actually want

What they're currently getting

  • Quick access to lots of data

  • Personalized viewing

  • Watch and enjoy the game

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Data ends up cluttering screen

  • Always having to reload presets

  • Increased cognitive load

  • Losing focus on the game

Our Solution

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