Chick-fil-A Ethnographic Research

Alazar Abe, Jack McLeod, Chermia Mathis, Karina Patricia, Rebecca Sheiner

Design Objective

To gain understanding on the unspoken attitudes and needs of flight crew members, and define design imperatives for future​ concept development.

After conducting multiple interviews and surveys, we managed to gather enough data to put together this user journey map

Pain Points

  • Long lines / waiting times​

  • Unpredictable schedule​

  • Randomly getting sick​

  • Carrying cooler everywhere​

  • Cold food esp. for pilots​

  • No fridge during layover​

  • Food temperature in general

Gain Points

  • Eating together with full crew​

  • Eating with others in Airport​

Need Hierarchy

The need to do the job properly

Show up to gate on time and provide an excellent flying experience


Accurately predict, forecast schedule

Seamlessly travel between gates to accommodate for the hectic, packed schedule

Accommodate to unplanned changes

Being adaptable, knowing flight crew members have to be on call and ready to go


The need to eat meals on the go

Eat whenever possible and eat cold food while in the air if necessary

We found recurring themes in our research, including eating on the go, trying to get food in the airport, and just working meals around a flight crew member's schedule in general. This led to our

key takeaways

Tight Schedule

Long Lines

Different Habits

Airlines' role

Skipping Meals

Leads to meals getting cold and surprisingly, occasional food poisoning due to lack of attention

Prevents/discourages from buying

*Even when next meal is hours away

Pilots - tend to eat with other pilots

Flight attendants - tend to scatter, more time crunch

Airlines do little to help employees eat better, although they promote healthy habits to keep energy levels up

Flight crew members skip meals due to time constraints and justify it with a sense of dedication to their job

Based on this, we came up with 3 design imperatives


to their schedule


a community


healthy habits

Potential Solutions

Flight crew members' line

Introducing the “fast lane” for flight crew members​

Delivery system

Sponsored meals on a time crunch​

Ordering kiosk

Order a fresh meal for your layover​

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