Internship at BUTI Diners, Inc.

BUTI Diners, Inc. an Atlanta-based startup company that offers the most cost-effective and innovative solutions to self-ordering, payment and customer engagement for restaurants

Website Redesign

My first task as a UX Intern was to redesign their website. They had reached out to me saying that their clients were often unclear on what features their product offers. Before diving into the prototype, I began identifying some

key areas of improvement

Inconsistent design style

Unclear website hierarchy

Links that lead to the same content

Too many pictures of food

Update fonts, colors, and visual elements

Decrease number of menus

Combine contact and request demo form

Show more of the web app itself

The Stakeholders


...who eat at the restaurants. While dining in, they scan a QR code on the table, order through BUTI's platform, and checkout immediately.

...who want to serve their customers in the best way. They are BUTI's clients who receive orders from their own side of the BUTI platform


Ultimately, BUTI wants to promote their service to the merchants, and merchants want to see how the platform looks like from the perspective of their customers

So here it is...

*for now

More (Ongoing) Projects

Customer Experience

We notice that our stakeholders are simply not familiar with this system. For instance, servers will reflexively grab the paper menu whenever a customer walks in. We're currently experimenting with various design concepts to tackle this.

Online Menu Template

BUTI Diners has an online menu template for every restaurant to be viewed on both mobile and desktop. Currently, we're working on improving overall navigability of the desktop interface

Website Improvements

As of now, we needed to do a quick redesign of the website to present to clients. Currently, we are trying to design the website to be more responsive and have more personality. So, stay tuned!


*self explanatory

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